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How do I upload files from my computer to my MP3?

To upload music/photo/video files onto your player, make sure that the MP3 player is turned ON and is in the UNLOCKED position. Plug the MP3 player into the USB port on your computer. Then, go into the folder that contains the music files you wish to upload. Click or highlight on the files. RIGHT CLICK and “Send to Removable Disk E” (or F depending on how many drives are on your computer). OR you can also drag your music files from the folder and drop them into the “Removable Disk”. In some models, you need to create a folder on the player and name it MVIDEO for storing the video files.

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How do I format MP3 on Win2k/XP computer?

To format the MP3 drive, make sure that the MP3 player is turned ON and is in the UNLOCKED position. Double click on “My Computer”. Right click on “removable drive” (it is the MP3 drive). Right click and navigate to “Format”. Under the “File System” select “FAT” or “FAT32”. Left click on “Start” to reformat your player.

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What is the maximum voice recording time on my MP3 player?

Recording Time per 128MB depends on the sampling rate, a higher recording sampling frequency brings better recording quality, but takes more memory space. Below is the recording time with different sampling rate: 8000 Hz — 8 hours ; 11025 Hz— 5.8 hours ; 16000 Hz—4 hours ; 22050 Hz—-2.9 hours ; 32000 Hz—-2 hours. If the memory capacity is bigger, the recording time will be longer, for example, 256MB has maximum 16 hours recording time.

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Where can I purchase a USB cable for my MP3 player?

Replacement USB cable can be purchased for $7 from Curtis International Ltd. Please mail a certified check or money order (payable to Curtis International Ltd) to 315 Attwell Drive, Etobicoke, Ontario, M9W 5C1, ATTN: Customer Service Department. Make sure to include your name, complete mailing address, phone number with area code, model number of the unit and part required.

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Where can I purchase a USB charger for my MP3 player?

Please note to contact:

In Canada call -> 1-800-968-9853

In USA call our remote support distributor -> 1 (800) 736-6837

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Why can’t I use all the memory in my MP3 player?

Your Curtis MP3 player is coming preformatted from the factory in FAT16. Although the max FAT16 file/folder limit is 512 for the root directory, long file names can reduce the number of available files and folders in the root folder. (Such is the case with MP3 song titles) This is due to a Windows FAT16 formatting limitation. SOLUTION: REFORMAT THE MP3 FILE SYSTEM IN FAT32. This should theoretically increase the maximum number of files/folders to 65,536 and thereby eliminate this type of problem.